Oct 16, 2008

Day 16 GothNoWriMo

I didn't do any writing today. Had my writers' group get-together instead.

I have been thinking about my NaNo project, and I have some definite ideas which excite me. I know how my heroine gets from her world to the hero's world. I know that my hero is a rebel. I know the means by which the heroine travels to the other world.

Now I just need to work out why the hero is a rebel and what/who he's fighting. And how the heroine fits into it. I know that she does fit in. The fact that she can cross worlds is problematic to the rebels; I'm just not sure why.

It'll come. I know my Muse is busy prowling through the shadowy undergrowth for ideas!

Dr Sterling has come to visit Katherine to see how she is after her tumble, and Gertrude, her mother-in-law, has sharp words for her after he's left.