Oct 26, 2008

Vlogging and a way to journal during NaNo

(Life whisked me away on its merry-go-round, but I made sure to shoot off at the appropriate moment when it came round again so I could blog about this!)

In order to spend as much time as possible at achieving the daily wordcount, some NaNo-ers vlog rather than blog. A vlog is a video blog entry using the webcam on the computer.

An interesting idea and one I might just mull over.

The other interesting time-saving idea I came across here is where the NaNo-er summarises the day and what they achieved as follows:

1. The date and the time.
2. How long I plan to work.
3. What I plan to work on for this day.
4. Time when I stopped writing and the total amount of time spent writing.
5. What I actually ended up doing. How well it went.
6. What I plan to work on tomorrow.
7. When I plan to work tomorrow (am or pm) and for how long.

This would be pretty useful for me today as I try to sit down and write the GothNoWriMo required daily wordcount and also work on the NaNo project.