Nov 3, 2008

Day 3

And it's going good so far. I'm free-writing, I have to admit. I'm not sure where I'm going, but I'm getting a word count out, and that's the main thing.

I really do need to do a bit more planning, get some ideas floating around in my head, places for me and the muse to aim for, even if we're not sure of the path we're going to take....

Working full time isn't conducive to sitting and planning AND working on getting out the word count, so I'll have to wait till the weekend and immerse myself in the How to Think Sideways lessons.
In the meantime, Z (I still have to think of her name) has broken up with her boyfriend, Justin, is in 'pieces', and has gone to her grandmother's to resource herself. (And to try to save a bit of money, now that Justin has moved out and money isn't flowing as abundantly as it was when he was around.)