Nov 1, 2008

NaNo Day 1

I was awake after midnight last night; technically, I could have started writing. But I didn't.

To keep myself motivated and spurred on, I am trying to design a logo for a couple of NaNo t-shirts which I'm going to wear during November. I started the design last night, using MSPaint and MS Photo Editor. Needless to say, the designing is tough-going with these two. I eventually worked out that I could do a bit of tweaking of images in Word if I set up a drawing canvas, but midnight really isn't the best time for discovering these things.

Not to worry. Today - Day 1 - I have achieved a wordcount of 1,838 words, so I'm very pleased. Kat and I have been texting one another and she has also passed the 1,667 wordcount goal. Great news for both of us.

I'm still working my way through a plot for When Worlds Collide, and Holly Lisle's Dot and Line technique has been a tremendous help in getting the ball rolling (a technique in her How to Think Sideways course), but I had a scene in mind to start the novel with, and this evening I ended up writing a scene that actually happens before that one, so tomorrow's writing is taken care of! This buys me time while I figure out what happens next.

Right, I'm going back to the t-shirt design now...