Nov 18, 2008

Week 3 NaNo

Form Christ Baty's motivational nanomail:

"For those of you who are on track with your word counts, Week Three is when you should start thinking about how you're going to get a complete arc written in November. If the end of your book still feels light years away, think about abbreviating scenes, omitting chapters, and jumping ahead to the middle-end and end-end of your story. It's much, much easier to go back in December and flesh out the connecting bits you skipped than it is to write an entire ending."

Today I hit a slump. I had just done the How to Think Sideways Critical Scenes Pre-Planning, but could not for the life of me come up with more than one critical scene. (That's the one I'm going to write tonight, by the way.)
But I read Chris Baty's words, and I realised that now is not the time to wonder what comes next, chronologically, in the story. Now is the time to make sure that I have my middle securely in place so that I can start writing the scenes at the end in Week 4.

With that in mind, I have at least one other scene I can write. It's an important scene and is going to make a huge difference in my heroine's life.

Another thing I really need to do at this point is find out what the villain is planning to do with the artefact he stole. He's got serious problems, but I've not really focused until now on what he plans to do about his problems. Writing a few scenes from his pov will be fun and will also give me a feel for what will need tying up at the end
And that's my Week 3 NaNo plan going forward!