Oct 13, 2009

GothNo No No

Maybe I was attempting the impossible or the very-difficult-to-achieve: visit family and friends that I haven't seen in three years AND write a 20K novella at the same time. I got the required wordcount out on Day 1 and haven't written a thing since.

I am now sitting in a hotel room and have the time and space to write over the next couple of days (and might do so) but in terms of successful GothNo-ing, it just ain't gonna happen.

November is when I plan to complete my GothNo novel. I'm not NaNo-ing this year so I'll have the time to work on the 20K novella and edit When Worlds Collide at the same time. Having two different projects at two different stages on the go at the same time will keep me focussed and content.

In the meantime, I'm going to spend time with those I love.