Sep 12, 2010

GothNo project-planning tools

On the GothNo forum I posted links to four tools that I considered useful for planning writing projects. They are as follows:

The first is an article by Phebe Durand (Lolaness) about using notecards to visually create a plot:

The second link is to an article by Stella Cameron about the six steps to a perfect plot:

The third link is to an article by Larry Brooks called "The Single Most Powerful Writing Tool You’ll Ever See That Fits On One Page":

The last link is to an exercise called The Snowflake Method. I tried this the first year I did NaNoWriMo (and reached 50K) and it worked because I knew each day what scenes I was going to write. (What didn't work so well is that I discovered I'm a writer who does not like to work from a heavily-planned outline - it leaves me feeling claustrophobic! For anyone who does enjoy having an outline to work from The Snowflake Method is a great tool.)

What I might end up doing is using a combination of all these tools to produce a plan that allows me the freedom to write in an inspired way while also knowing in advance what needs to be written each day.

Here's a link to a spreadsheet I also used my first year NaNoing. It was put together by Cameron Mattews at Truckpoetry(dot)net. It's based on The Snowflake Method and for anyone who likes using their laptop or computer to outline, this could be useful: