Sep 14, 2010

Pre-Planning Progress 1

Today I used tools and techniques from Holly Lisle's How to Think Sideways course to work on the pre-planning.

I used her Dot and Line technique to get some idea about characters and setting. I have some firm ideas now about who my ghost is and her backstory and also the two young people whom the ghost is hoping to successfully matchmake for. :)

I already had my Sentence from last year's pre-planning, and as I'd worked quite a bit on that there's little (if anything) that will need to change with it.

The next couple of tools I plan to use are the Character, Conflict, Time and Scenes modules. I'll start on the Character module this afternoon, depending on time and other constraints.

It's great knowing as much as I do now about my characters. It's helping to flesh out the story and has led me to some ideas about possible scenes to include. And I haven't even looked at the Character and Scenes modules yet. Sweet!

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