Oct 1, 2010

GothNo Day 1 Progress

It took a while to get going. I fiddled about with loading the playlist onto the laptop, then playing a couple of songs to "set the mood", then added my 2010 GothNo wordcount calendar to the laptop so I could update it on a daily basis. Then I set up the orange-font-on-black-background template which I understand is easier on the eyes than a black font on a white background.

Then I sat looking at the blinking cursor for a few moments and thought "OK, I just have to start."

So I started typing. First person pov - an intro to the character and the setting through the character's own eyes. A bit of backstory, but not too much, and the hopefully tantalising revelation that the character is a ghost.

I may type more later on, but I'd prefer not to cause any shocks to my system that might undo all my good intentions. Sometimes it's better to leave your writing when you know where you're heading with it next.

The nice thing is that I've already passed my daily wordcount goal of 645 words. Yay! :)