Oct 13, 2010

GothNo Day 13 Progress

I wasn't able to finish the second half of the love scene between Deirdre and Brian so I will have to come back to that another time. I moved on, instead, to the next scene. The ghost is being bothered by something...

Surpassed the daily wordcount goal. Typed in 1,199 words to bring the total wordcount so far to 9,457.

I've also drafted up the second GothNo Pep Talk email. I need to add in a few things and revise it to tighten things up and then send it to Lily Munster for the OK before sending it out on Friday.


Knuxchan said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying reading your progress updates of your GothNovel :) You're keeping a good, steady pace. Awesome work!

Liselm said...

Thanks, Knuxchan! Having the preparatory work down before GothNo started has helped me maintain progress. It helps to know what scenes need writing, even if some things change by the time the actual writing starts.