Oct 18, 2010

GothNo Day 18 Progress

It was hard to get going after the weekend away, but I took the advice I'd included in the second GothNo Pep Talk email which was: Writing creates the mood; the mood does not create the writing!

After breakfast, I wasn't particularly in the mood for writing, but I opened up the laptop and typed more than was needed to catch up with where I should have been, had I been writing consistently.

The scene is what was going on for Brian and Deirdre after the night they spent together, and Deirdre's telling Brian that there's a ghost in the house that they need to do something about.

Quite what they're planning to do, I don't know. This was not part of my pre-planning in any extensive way. I'm going to have to wing it tomorrow, I think. :)

So, all good. I've caught up with the wordcount and I've got another interesting scene to write. I'm happy!