Oct 5, 2010

GothNo Day 5 Progress

The scene unfolded quite easily and once again I surpassed the daily wordcount of 645 words. I know, I know, it's such a tiny wordcount there really isn't any problem getting past it, but it's the psychological effect that it has that matters!

One problem I encountered was viewpoint. I'll have to take a good look at this when I go back and revise. I knew a lot of my scenes were going to be told from the ghost's point of view, but this particular scene between the two young people might benefit from being told from a different point of view. Close third, possibly, from one of the two.

Anyway, no need to think too much about the technicalities just yet. GothNo is about wordcount, developing a writing habit, having fun, letting go, and all that jazz. The re-write - which I also enjoy - is a different kettle of fish and requires a different mindset.


Knuxchan said...

Hey! Great progress! And I know what you mean about possibly going back to revise/rewrite some scenes once it's over. Ive encountered a lot of that so far, too x_x

Liselm said...

We're churning out a wordcount, free writing, and letting inspiration have free rein, so it's inevitable that some of the finer technical aspects of the writing craft have to take a back seat.

But then, without a first (rough) draft, we have nothing to mould into a much better piece. It's all part of the process!