Oct 15, 2010

Writing Update

We're heading away for the weekend and I'm supposed to be packing my bag and making a lunch we can eat in the car on the way. I also had the Week 2 Pep Talk Email for GothNoWriMo to finish and send out and the packing and sandwich-making has taken a back seat. As has my daily wordcount for today. (Tiny scream)

However, the pep talk email has been written and sent out on time (I'm aiming to send them out midday my time on a Friday), so that's one item I can check off the list.

Now I need to make some food to keep me going till we actually get to eat the lunch I need to make. And I need to put clothes and toiletries into my bag. We're leaving in less than two hours. (Another small scream and some hyperventilating.)

I can do this! I can!! I just need to remain focused. And stop blogging!!!!!

And so I bid you good day! :)