Oct 16, 2011

Bowing Out..

(Copy of post on GothNoWriMo boards...)

Due to unforeseen events - obedience training for hyperactive wolves, major structural damage to organise repairs for and several meetings with anxious villagers to reassure them that there won't be a repeat performance - I must bow out of this year's GothNo.

Sadly, now that I've seen Canardly's winner's certificate, I'm so far off target there's no hope of catching up and laying claim to it...

I am taking out of my efforts so far an interesting story idea, some plot points I really like, and the kind and helpful suggestions from fellow writers who offered their help in the I'm stuck! *shriek* thread.

I'll still frequent the boards however, so you'll see me around. All the best with your own writing - I hope it's going well - and see you at the finish line.

And now, I must get back to my wolves -

*raises arms and vanishes in a flash of lightning*

Oct 9, 2011

GothNo Day 9

I've passed the quarter mark - and this despite two days where I didn't get a wordcount out at all. Katherine is at dinner and Mrs Sterling has just deigned to speak to her... ... I stopped at the point where I knew what was going to happen but not how it would happen. Hopefully the muse will be busy dreaming up scenarios while I sleep. :)
5,322 / 20,000 (26.61%)

Oct 7, 2011

GothNo 2011 Day 7

Wordcount tonight after last night's nil result was 1,008 bringing the total to 4,592. I'm back on track! Katherine had arrived at Anthony's home and has met the woman she fears is a rival for his affections.
4,592 / 20,000 (22.96%)

Oct 5, 2011

Finished the second scene!

And my wordcount is 3,512. Katherine has reached the inn she'll be staying at and has heard a hint of gossip about Miss Loretta, an old friend of Anthony's family.

3,512 / 20,000 (17.56%)

Oct 3, 2011

Scene 2 finished

703 words tonight, bringing the total to 2,182.

Katherine has spoken with Anthony Sterling about the change of plans but her mind is not easy. I've also hinted at the setting she and Jem will be staying in and what might happen there...

2182 / 20000 (10.91%)

Oct 2, 2011

First scene finished!

1479 words in total, 691 words of that being tonight's wordcount.

Katherine has received a letter which throws some plans into disarray and hints at problems that lie ahead.

1479 / 20000 (7.40%)

Oct 1, 2011

GothNo 2011 Day 1

I have just finished the first bit of writing. 788 words or 796 depending on which software I look at the rtf file in. I'm running with 788; I prefer to underestimate my wordcount that overestimate.

I used Momentum Writer from Black Obelisk. And it works. You CANNOT ERASE ANYTHING (unless you have ticked the box in the user preferences menu to allow the backspace key to work. I hadn't). So typos galore where I was about to write one word and changed my mind at the last second just as I'd typed the first letter or two. Never mind. Not being able to erase worked and that's all that matters at this stage!

If anyone else is using Momentum Writer and is wondering how to access the user preferences, you need to right click to bring up the menu.

788 / 20000 (3.94%)

Sep 30, 2011

GothNoWriMo 2011 starts TOMORROW!

And I STILL haven't a clue what my plot is. I've worked out the ghost, the conflict (a romance one and a supernatural one) and I've identified most of the main characters, but I feel so unprepared. If I just work on the details of the first scene and what it's about, maybe that'll be enough to get me pantsing my way through the month. (I'm a pantser at heart, but I like to have some soft of blueprint to follow, some idea where I'm headed.)

I've been working through Susan Bischoff's Blueprint (amazing document) and I've tweaked it a bit to include some other bits and pieces that I'll find helpful.

Right. I'd better start working out the details of the first scene.

Good luck to everyone doing GothNoWriMo this year!

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Aug 28, 2011

What I'm starting with

I've been thinking of writing a sequel to Greenwood Manor, my GothNo 2008 novella. Katherine and Dr Sterling are engaged and he wants her to meet his family. This is, of course, quite an important event, because Dr Sterling's family will become her inlaws.

Rose and Jamie will re-appear in this second novella, as will Katherine's mother-in-law (her first husband's mother) and possibly the mother-in-law's friend.

I've got a cast of characters I enjoyed writing about and it would be good to see where a second novella would take them all.

So, that's my initial idea.

I found a very interesting article, Create a Plot Outline in 8 Easy Steps, which looks at the eight ingredients a good plot needs.

They are:
  • Story Goal
  • Consequences
  • Requirements
  • Forewarnings
  • Costs
  • Dividends
  • Prerequisites
  • Preconditions

My next task is to work my way through these eight ingredients and see what ideas they trigger that I can build a plot outline with.

What's important is that I don't outline too heavily. I'm a pantser at heart!

EDIT: Oh, and I almost forgot. I should be able to get at least 10 minutes (if not half an hour! Whoopee!!) of writing time in during my little one's afternoon naps. Which take place in the car.

It's not a coffee shop writing (*sigh*) but it IS writing and that's what counts! :)

Aug 19, 2011

GothNo 2011 approaches...

... and it's time to start thinking about what gothic novella to write next.

I've done the straightforward ghost story and last year I did a Creepy Comedy, so what do I do this year?

And will I have time now I'm a full time mother????

Time will tell. :)

In the meantime, I'll put my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with something I'd like to write.