Oct 16, 2011

Bowing Out..

(Copy of post on GothNoWriMo boards...)

Due to unforeseen events - obedience training for hyperactive wolves, major structural damage to organise repairs for and several meetings with anxious villagers to reassure them that there won't be a repeat performance - I must bow out of this year's GothNo.

Sadly, now that I've seen Canardly's winner's certificate, I'm so far off target there's no hope of catching up and laying claim to it...

I am taking out of my efforts so far an interesting story idea, some plot points I really like, and the kind and helpful suggestions from fellow writers who offered their help in the I'm stuck! *shriek* thread.

I'll still frequent the boards however, so you'll see me around. All the best with your own writing - I hope it's going well - and see you at the finish line.

And now, I must get back to my wolves -

*raises arms and vanishes in a flash of lightning*