Oct 1, 2011

GothNo 2011 Day 1

I have just finished the first bit of writing. 788 words or 796 depending on which software I look at the rtf file in. I'm running with 788; I prefer to underestimate my wordcount that overestimate.

I used Momentum Writer from Black Obelisk. And it works. You CANNOT ERASE ANYTHING (unless you have ticked the box in the user preferences menu to allow the backspace key to work. I hadn't). So typos galore where I was about to write one word and changed my mind at the last second just as I'd typed the first letter or two. Never mind. Not being able to erase worked and that's all that matters at this stage!

If anyone else is using Momentum Writer and is wondering how to access the user preferences, you need to right click to bring up the menu.

788 / 20000 (3.94%)