May 31, 2012

CampNaNo starts midnight tonight - gulp!

The time flew by these past couple of weeks and here we are, on the eve of the June CampNaNoWriMo.

And I would probably be feeling very overwhelmed were it not for the fact that I took part in a webinar this morning with Amna Ahmad at The Pragmatic Hybrid on the subject of Writer's Block. It was a great session in which she explained some of the common reasons behind Writer's Block and how pushing through this state can actually be counterproductive.

The aim is to create a sustainable writing habit, so gentleness is always the best way to proceed.

The most important thing we can do as writers is - show up. That's it. Just show up. And not worry about the quality of what we produce. As she put it, that's none of our business. All that we can control is the showing up, and the rest is up to the Divine, Great Spirit, our creative selves, the Universe, however we call that energy that is greater than us.

So, am I worried about Camp? No. I'm reframing the sensation I'm feeling from 'nervousness' or 'overwhelmed' to excitement (which is one of the fantastic techniques I learned from her this morning. Reframe the anxiety so that even though you can still feel the sensation, you can still write!)

Yes, I'm excited! And I'm looking forward to collecting some of the Camp Achievement badges along the way.