May 21, 2012

June CampNaNo: Change of Plan

Yes, there's been a change of plan for CampNaNo in June.

In short, there just isn't enough time to get to grips with my characters and the story arc in order to do the story justice and to create enough of a map for me to write each day.

Instead, I'm gonna be a rebel!

I'm going to write 1667 words (at least) per day on - anything. Vignettes. Scenes. Snippets.

I've got a couple of resources lined up to provide me with prompts and I'll choose one at random each evening of Camp.

The two resources are Larry Brooks's 101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters and Writing Open the Mind by Andy Couturier.

Who knows? Maybe something I work on will inspire  a short story or novella later on.