Jun 1, 2012

Three badges on my first day!

One for writing a word at all (Goed Begonnen), one for writing non stop for an hour (Non-Stop) and one for writing 2000 words in an hour (Speed Typing) - I had 2,596 words at the end of the hour.

I have to say that getting to earn badges for reaching small milestones on the way to 50,000 words makes it all the more motivating. Because I got off to a good start and got rewarded for it, I feel good. And that feel-good factor is what will bring me back to my writing desk and laptop tomorrow evening. :)

So, my thanks to Angrykittykj, WhiteDove and Mayasennara for all their hard work in creating a badge list, designing the badges and creating the blog, and for creating an alternate design for the badges (including the border) and for sharing it with all of us. Many, many thanks!

Now, what badge can I aim for tomorrow night???