Apr 2, 2013

Camp NaNo April 2013!

The April Camp NaNo has started and I'm aiming for 25K this time round. I'm working on a new incarnation of the stalled novel.

Catching up with the posts in my reader (I'm using Feedly now, btw, and it's great!), I came across an article on K.M. Weiland's site that gave me pause for thought. Perhaps all those years ago I was writing the story too soon. Let's hope now is the right time! I wonder how you know?

Then I read an article by Larry Brooks at Storyfix.com about a writer needing a vision for the story before he or she starts working on it. Perhaps this is part of what's required for 'the right time to write'?

In any case, I wrote (longhand) 1204 words last night on April 1st. The daily goal is 834 words, so I'm pleased with my first day.

Bit by bit, I'll share the process I'm using this time round, but in the meantime, I'm wishing all the very best to my fellow Campers and hoping you're having fun!