Nov 6, 2016

Demotivation and The Engagement Threshold

This is an excellent article on demotivation and its subcategories and how to manage each type.


So, if you're feeling demotivated about writing, take a look at the article and identify how to manage it.

And THIS is an excellent article on the engagement threshold - the point at which one needs to be in order to undertake an activity. I absolutely LOVED what Charlie Gilkey had to write about using time efficiently.

As regards my NaNo goals, I have written consistently for the past 5 nights. (Yay!) I wrote a short story the first night, and every night after that was the outline for a short story.

I'm going to turn these into index card prompts to use at future writing sessions.

The main thing is, I've been writing consistently and I'm happy about that. :)